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People appreciate the Halloween-themed decoration in the "Glow in the Garden" event held at Vancouver VanDusen Botanical Garden in Vancouver, Canada, Oct. 25, 2018. The "Glow in the Garden" is a Halloween-themed event where lights and decorations are installed inside Vancouver VanDusen Botanical Garden which turned it into a Halloween Wonderland. (Xinhua/Liang Sen)Zhongtai has a reason to be confident in its growth, considering that a suitable climate with adequate light and heat enables Khatlon to produce one of the best cottons in the world, and its potential has yet to be fully tapped.At stands set up at Technopolis, visitors can also get a taste of Chinese delicacies, and get introduced to Chinese culture and traditions through books and handmade gifts.

It is one of several collaborations between China's Internet giants and commercial aircraft manufacturers to inject technologies like the Internet, big data, cloud-computing and artificial intelligence into aviation manufacturing.Shortly after their arrival, the team started to evaluate the situation in cyclone-stricken areas, visit temporary shelters and accommodation centers, and deliver equipments and medicines, food and drinking water to local communities, schools and orphanages.There is no doubt that losing to France filled the hearts of Croatian players with sadness because for the some parts of the final they were the better team, but France had more luck and was more clinical in front of goal.Community and cooperation were strong refrains that ran throughout many of the festival films this year. Multiple Emmy, SAG and Golden Globe Award winner, Alec Baldwin, who co-starred in Estevez's film, told Xinhua, "The direction we have to go in, not just this country but the world, is: we have to share more...we have to make room for everyone."


"I don't want to say anything at the moment," Asish told Xinhua, while their relative, photo journalist Rajendra Chitrakar said, "Its bad luck. Life is so unpredictable.""We revive a craft used by ancient Egyptians 7,000 years ago," he said.The competition provides participants with 200,000 realistic images of living spaces from 40 simulated indoor video sequences, including kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and even outdoor living areas, complete with clutter, and rich with uncertain objects.by Olatunji SaliuWith the help of live-streaming sales, the Thai users of Lazada also continues to grow rapidly.

"I'm sure that the people who went to the World Cup are going to like my country quite a lot ... what most interests me is for people to learn more and enjoy this moment," said Anya.Ahmed Aboabudula, a local audience took video and pictures of the puppet show and said, "everybody laughed and clapped, we like the puppet show, it is very nice."

Zhou Shili, a manager of the Tianchen Engineering Company of CNCEC, said the brine that the project generates will be poured into the Salt Lake, which substantially reduces pollution and helps replenish the lake which is reportedly drying every year."The event like Saturday's gala can have a subtle but invisible, persistent impact on the second-generation Chinese Americans in developing a sense of identity about the Chinese background rooted in the culture of the home country of their parents," Yan explained.

Muran Shang, Chinese student at Boston University, stays with her cat at home in Boston, Massachusetts, the United States, on March 27, 2020. The schools are shut down; the stay-at-home advisory is for everybody; and the campus runs out of its usual vitality. Amid growing fears over COVID-19, Boston University's thousands of Chinese students just want to stay safe and be responsible for the concerned sides. (Xinhua)"We have managed to keep the industry moving and to help with the paradigm shift of how things are. I pray we get better over time," he added.


China's musical drama industry needs to begin with learning, which is done through in-depth exchanges with international teams, Tian said.Canan Kaymakci, a Turkish who has been living in London for six years, said she believed "everything is now possible" after the wedding.In 2010, Italian football seemed to have entirely run out of energy. Despite being title holders and having big ambitions for a successful defense in South Africa, the side only managed two 1-1 draws against Paraguay and New Zealand and a 3-2 defeat to Slovakia.

GAZA, Jan. 13 (Xinhua) -- In the Palestinian Gaza Strip, 48 young men and women are learning theater and acting techniques in an initiative to revive contemporary theater in the Israeli-blockaded territory.Rosell had a PhD in Information Sciences from the University of Havana, and she stressed that they currently have more than 900 students, distributed in 53 groups.Compared with two years before, Noy is still thin, sun-tanned and doesn't talk much, but his life has completely changed. He is very satisfied with his job, with monthly income of about four million kip (about 460 U.S. dollars).

"As a student, I am in class most of the time and find it convenient to watch the repeat world Cup matches via the StarTimes App," said Ayal."We see that the knowledge we have could be applied and we could see a way to do it, because in Greece the marine environment, our coasts, our seas are one of the biggest assets. We said why not bring our agenda and make use of what we learned in the Netherlands and what we are doing there to do something also here," Sakkas said.


The festival -in its 63rd year- will also host international stars."It's very important for foreign customers to know that China's toy producers have their own brands and do not only engage OEM businesses anymore," Yu said.

Mak had to do presentations again and again to explain the meaning of the symbols to the USPS officials and other people who viewed the drafts until they were approved."It was a great opportunity to know about the invention of that sophisticated technology and, moreover, get engaged with Chinese culture which matches ours," Hanafy said.FROM SURVIVAL TO PROSPERITY

Each year the festival showcases a different country and culture, and this year it is honoring China and the vibrant Chinese culture which has been an integral part of Los Angeles and California.Her mother, Anna Chen Chennault, a China-born American, was also active in facilitating friendship and cooperation between the United States and China before passing away in 2018. Chen was called a "folk ambassador" between the two countries.

In December, Panama launched a coffee route that offers travelers a unique way to explore the country and learn about its coffee production.Chinese Wushu coach Lihui (back), who serves as the coach of the first-ever Brunei national Wushu team, guides students at a stadium in Brunei capital city of Bandar Seri Begawan, on Nov. 16, 2018. (Xinhua/Wang Shen)

Jelena Kovacevic, a local resident, told Xinhua that the Chinese New Year was a good occasion that enabled the audience to enjoy musical pieces of the two civilizations.The "Walking Into Schools" initiative has created many opportunities for young Nigerians, according to Amaechi Okonkwo, a creative director and administrative assistant at the Huaxing Arts Troupe.Over the years many traditional cinemas of Athens have disappeared, victims of the multiplex cinemas, the real estate boom and the financial crisis. Most open-air cinemas survived.

GAZA, Jan. 13 (Xinhua) -- In the Palestinian Gaza Strip, 48 young men and women are learning theater and acting techniques in an initiative to revive contemporary theater in the Israeli-blockaded territory.Besides He, forum speakers were executives in entertainment, technology, finance, and communications who volunteered to offer some helpful advice to the attending job seekers on how to break into their industry.His family has moved to a newly-merged village where people from four or five villages gather together and they are satisfied with the new home now."Cherries have been a good option as presents during celebrations in China," Xu added.BRUSSELS, Feb. 14 (Xinhua) -- By adding fresh and fashionable elements to its traditional repertoire, a Chinese orchestra has charmed Europeans who have a discerning ear for good music.

The exhibitions showcased China's splendid achievements in science and technology in both ancient and modern times, including "An ancient Chinese scroll in AR", "China's space program" and "Flyers of Mesozoic China".She provided an understanding of the materials, basic techniques and philosophy behind the painting of breathtaking scenery following the footsteps of great Chinese artists.The Cultural Day from Oct. 23 to 25 also includes cinema and theater shows, and the Egyptian students will perform an old Chinese drama on stage.

The festival, running until September 1, will feature 41 concerts, including performances by Egyptian famous artists and non-Egyptian artists from China, Algeria, Tunisia, India, Venezuela, Germany, Guinea and Namibia.She is responsible for the education of 170 refugee children from Afghanistan, Syria and Iran who live in the camp with their families while waiting for a better future.A long queue stretches outside the Burberry store, with many Asian faces. A restaurant called Shan Shui recently opened for business, with interiors recalling the ambience of old Shanghai. Quiet Mandarin chatter fills the air.

Meanwhile, Wang Leibin, business manager of YTO International, told Xinhua that his company has been cooperating with Cuba for three years, initially exporting tractors and construction machinery.Over the past seven years, Yu's company has harvested 10 million pounds of Asian carp out of the Mississippi River, which were sold to 11 countries. The No. 1 Asian carp exporter in Kentucky aims to process 5 million pounds this year and eyes an annual production of 20 million pounds by 2024.

According to GCash, more than 12,000 local retailers have joined the GCash merchants partners' list and have installed the mobile payments system."We, exporters, prefer to send bananas to China because it's fast (in transportation), and it's very easy to deal with Chinese people when it comes to business," said Reyes, adding that the Chinese market also offers higher prices.Li Xiaoxia, head of the Chinese delegation from Shanxi, said the masters of the delegation have taught the Egyptian students the methods of making traditional noodles such as Daoxiao Noodles, Cat-Ear noodles as well as traditional Chinese courses such as Kung Pao Shrimp, hot candied sweet potatoes.

Maghrabi Agriculture (MAFA), one of Egyptian citrus farms approved for exports to China, exported 2,500 tons of oranges to the world's most populous country last year.It is part of a series of programs being run along the canal, named PIEA, aiming to making it a profitable route for more than just maritime cargo transit.

Ignatius Koomu, Chairperson of Nakaseke district said the medical team lessens the burden of not having enough personnel or drugs especially in the remote parts of the country."I learned that the philosophy of life is discipline," he said.

Through such cultural moves, both countries want to boost friendly ties under the background of the Belt and Road Initiative which certainly promotes deeper understanding of each other and wake up the ancient civilization in the new era.Constructing a bridge in the sea as deep as 46 meters, with a high temperature, high humidity and high levels of ultraviolet radiation was not an easy task. Being aware of such difficulties, the Chinese constructors still decided to go on with the task and made it eventually.High school graduate Mike Manzi and his peers will spend four years in the Chinese city of Hangzhou, where Alibaba is headquartered, studying subjects that include the Internet, international trade and cross-border e-commerce.Since the launch of the eWTP, Rwanda's coffee and tourism products have been sold on Alibaba's e-commerce platforms, including coffee from Rwandan company "Land of a Thousand Hills."


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